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Schools of St Alphege

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Our Infant and Nursery Staff

Federation Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher

Mr. S Smith

Deputy Headteacher (Infant and Nursery School)

Mrs S. Lawson

Deputy Headteacher (Junior School)

Miss A. Mulholland

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs S. Wilkinson

Early Years and Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs R. Daniel


Miss L. Stanion

Federation Pastoral Team

Family support worker

Miss M. Meryon

Infant and Nursery School Teaching Staff

Nursery AM Teacher

Mrs C. Stone

Nursery AM Teaching Assistants

Mrs S. Reed

Miss S. O’Connor

Nursery PM Teacher

Ms S. Gaspard

Nursery PM Teaching Assistants

Mrs S. Davis

Seahorse Class (Reception)

Mrs R. Daniel

Starfish Class (Reception)

Mrs A. Thomas

Dolphin Class (Reception)

Mrs H. Goddard

Reception Teaching Assistants

Mrs M. Kumar

Mrs N. Kirby

Mrs E. Newbury

Mrs K. Edwards

Mrs S. O’Connor

Kingfisher Class (Year 1)

Mrs K. Monksfield

Robin Class (Year 1)

Mrs B. Everett

Swan Class (Year 1)

Miss N. Betts

Year 1 Teaching Assistants


Mrs K. Lindsay

Mrs T. Sarkar

Badger Class (Year 2)

Mrs C. Costello & Mrs J. Partridge (Thur.)

Fox Class (Year 2)

Mrs C. Hayfield & Mrs J. Partridge (Wed.)

Hedgehog Class (Year 2)

Mr. S. Alim

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs. S. Yasin

Music Lead

Ms. A. Taylor

PPA Cover

Mrs C. Satterthwaite

Mrs S. Craddock

Infant and Nursery Office Staff


Mrs S. Willard

Office administrator

Mrs F. Little

Office administrator

Mrs M. Whing

PA to Exec Headteacher

Mrs M. Balthazor

Infant and Nursery Lunchtime Staff

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs A. Moore

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs M. Maini

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J. Kings

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs N. Turley

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs A. Bhave

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs D. Biddle

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs M. Bharadwa

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K. Burnham

Infant and Nursery Support Staff

Site Manager

Mr. N Pelosi


Mrs C. Peasland


Miss S. Peasland


 Our Junior School Staff


Junior School Teaching Staff

Anning (Year 3)

Miss H. Knowles (Mon. – Thur.) & Mrs C. Broadfield (Fri.)

Einstein (Year 3)

Miss L. Murphy

Newton (Year 3)

Mrs H. Randle

Curie (Year 4)

Miss C. Jones

Edison (Year 4)

Miss K. Williams

Shaman (Year 4)

Mrs E. Fryer (Mon – Tue) and Ms J. Jones (Wed – Fri)

Year 3 and 4 Teaching Assistants

Mrs A. Odustote

Hawking (Year 5)

Mrs. M Smith

Galileo (Year 5)

Mrs J. McGowan

Franklin (Year 6)

Miss L. Rutherford

Darwin (Year 6)

Miss E. Stanley

Music Lead

Ms. A. Taylor

Year 5 and 6 Teaching Assistants

Mrs A. Melrose

Mrs E. Diskin

Mrs J. Adams

Mrs. S. Morris-Jordan

Junior School Office Staff


Mrs S. Willard

PA to the Executive Head

Mrs M. Balthazor

Office administrator

Mrs S. Ray

Junior School Lunchtime Supervisors

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J. Willis

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs R. Akhtar

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs H. Talreja

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs H. Westley

Junior School Support Staff

Site Manager

Mr. K. Biddle


Mrs T. Lawrence


Mrs L. Smith