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Sports Premium

The St Alphege Sports Experience

At St Alphege School, we believe that the pursuit of excellence extends beyond the classroom. Our Sports Premium is a testament to our recognition of the invaluable role sports play in shaping character, instilling discipline, and fostering teamwork. We are dedicated to providing our students with a first-class sports experience that enriches their physical and personal development.

Maximising the Impact

The Sports Premium funding we receive is a strategic investment in the development of sports at St Alphege. We are committed to maximizing the impact of this funding to enhance the quality of physical education, promote healthy lifestyles, and provide opportunities for every student to discover their passion for sports.

Specialist Coaching

We recognize the importance of expert guidance in honing sporting skills. The Sports Premium enables us to bring in specialist coaches who work closely with our students, providing personalized training and mentorship. This not only enhances skill development but also instills a passion for sports that extends beyond the school years.

Inclusive Sports offer

Our sports clubs and competitions are designed to be inclusive, offering opportunities for every student to participate and excel. Whether a budding athlete or someone looking to discover a new sport, our diverse range of activities caters to all interests and abilities. 

Celebrating Achievements

The achievements of our sports stars are a source of great pride for us at St Alphege. From local competitions to regional and national events, we celebrate the triumphs of our students on the sports stage. Through the use of the sports premium, we strive to deepen a sports culture that motivates all our students to strive for their personal best.

Your Support Matters

As parents and guardians, your support is invaluable in fostering a positive attitude towards sports. Encourage your child to explore different activities, attend matches, and be an active part of their sports journey.


Sports Premium Documentation