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Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic (PSHCE) education is fundamental to the way children grow as individuals and therefore is an important part of our curriculum at the Schools of St Alphege.

Over the course of their primary education, we aim to support pupils to explore and discuss a variety of PSHCE topics in order to understand themselves better and the lives and cultures of the world around them. Teachers use the Jigsaw Scheme that ensures children are taught about personal and social similarities and differences, in a way that is sensitive and age-appropriate.

Topics covered include being me in my world, celebrating differences, dreams and goals, healthy me, relationships, changing me and how we can be good members of our local community and become global citizens. These topics look different within the curriculum for different age groups, but we aim to develop and build upon children’s knowledge and understanding from EYFS to Year Six. PSHCE helps our children to consider what is important to them, now and in the future. It provides them with a platform to voice their own opinions and to learn to listen and respect the opinions of others. Throughout the programme of study, pupils learn essential communication skills; debating, reasoning, weighing an argument, collaborating with and motivating others. PSHCE enables pupils to grow in confidence whilst embedding our school values; respect, perseverance, honesty and friendship. We aim to do this in partnership with parents, the Church and the local community. At St Alphege, we also encourage children to think about personal and social values – by letting their light shine, and so develop their capacity to be active and effective.