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School report question 6

6. How do you promote inclusion within school? Including day and residential trips?

Following full risk assessment, all children with SEN or disability have access to all facilities and extra-curricular activities including off site education.

  • The curriculum is evaluated in terms of its impact on the learning, success and inclusion of SEND pupils
  • Computing is used to reduce barriers to learning where appropriate
  • Child specific support assistants are deployed to support individuals, where appropriate, to keep their pupils safe, support full access to the curriculum and develop independence
  • The behaviour policies, for both schools, focus on the reward of positive behaviour
  • Risk assessments are undertaken to ensure that all pupils are fully and safely included and able to access all activities
  • Use of a wide range of external support ensures that individual pupils’ needs are met
  • Children are clear about what to do, where to go and who to talk to if they perceive a need to do so.
  • Use of peer support, such as Play Leaders/Playground Pals, ensures that children are not isolated socially
  • Use of targeted programmes, such as Time to Talk, support those less socially resilient
  • Use of the outdoors, for example through Park Project, Forest Schooling, provides an alternative learning environment for those with social, emotional or behavioural need
  • A lunchtime Play Facilitator works across both schools to support vulnerable children