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School report question 2

2. What are the school’s areas of strength?

The school has supported a number of children with a range of additional needs including Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Downs Syndrome, Diabetes, Learning Difficulties, Achondroplasia, Physical Disabilities, Visual impairment and Physical impairment, Speech and Language Difficulties

The ‘golden thread’ of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is woven through all aspects of school

  • Whole federation policies are evaluated regularly to ensure inclusion and progress for SEND pupils.
  • Effective early assessment processes identify additional needs at the point of entry highlighting appropriate action needed to prevent /reduce any barriers to learning.
  • Each SENCo has undertaken and achieved a Master’s level national accreditation for the role. (National award for SEN Coordination-Edge Hill University)
  • Access to learning and teaching for SEND pupils is monitored through the school’s self evaluation processes
  • The curriculum is evaluated in terms of its impact on the learning, success and inclusion of SEND pupils
  • Communication with parents is a key to the success of inclusion
  • Teaching resources are routinely evaluated to ensure that they are accessible to all pupils
  • Small group targeted intervention programmes are delivered by trained staff to pupils in order to improve skills.
  • Computing is used to reduce barriers to learning where appropriate

Following full risk assessment, all children with SEN or disability have access to all facilities and extra-curricular activities including off site education.