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Premiums – junior school

Pupil Premium Strategy 2019-2021

Pupil Premium Strategy 2019 - 2021

Pupil Premium 2018-2019

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement Federation 2018-2019

PE and sports grant – junior school 2017-2018

South Solihull School Sports Partnership = £1400                                      

School Sports Council = £30

Impact: Membership of the local Sports Partnership has provided many opportunities both for staff CPD and access to a variety of different inclusive sports festivals and competitions.  Participation in Level 2 festivals and competitions supports and increases children’s resilience, teamwork and character building skills – linking with the school BLP ideals and helping to promote excellence and sportsmanship.  In addition to promoting British Values, this supports greater participation in competitive sports by all pupils (Level 1 in-house competition) and extends G&T children to sports clubs (with community sports links).  Particularly in the Junior School, our membership has enabled the children to participate in a wider range of physical opportunities both within the curriculum and as extracurricular events, including Rowing, KS2 Biathlon, Cricket, Dodgeball, Netball, Tag Rugby and Golf.

Evidence: participation rates (noted via pupil/parent surveys and regular class audits), pupil discussions, observations, staff feedback.


Playground facilitator = £1824     

3 days per week. Targeting less active children on the playground and those who do not attend any extracurricular clubs in an Active Play scheme. Leading and organising games and activities on the playground and giving the children further inspiration for games to play. Providing access to a wide range of resources ensures that pupils area enthusiastic and interested in participating in these organised activities, but also are given opportunities to engage in a range of sports and activities, either independently or when led by the Play Facilitator.

Evidence: behaviour observations, pupil interviews, staff feedback.


Playground resources and equipment = £2000

Impact: Through purchasing more resources and equipment for the playground encourages a more inclusive curriculum, which inspires and engages all pupils. It helps to move towards the Active 30:30, getting more children to have active play times and lunch times. Furthermore, it encourages more confident and competent staff through support from up to date equipment, enhancing quality of teaching and learning.

Evidence: behaviour observations, pupil interviews, staff feedback.


New planning and scheme of work = £2300

Impact: The impact of this scheme has been to improve the overall quality of PE teaching throughout the school and develop teacher confidence. Through purchasing the Real PE scheme of work, it aims to be instrumental in improving PE provision within the school. This also includes high quality training for the PE coordinator in addition to training for all teachers of PE. The resources are very high quality and are both imaginative and interesting. In turn, engaging the children so that they enjoy their lessons. This promotes and encourages a positive attitude towards PE.


External Coaching opportunities = £2495                                                      

Impact: The Sports Premium provides an excellent opportunity to contribute to the wellbeing and achievement of pupils, not just participation levels in Physical Education and Sport. By providing external coaches for the children it has enabled them to access different sporting opportunities and to be taught by a sport-specific professional. This all helps to promote the children’s physical literacy and further contribute to the recommended (minimum) 30 minutes of physical activity for children and further allows children to transfer skills across sports in and out of school.  Furthermore, enabling the coaches to help to up skill our teaching staff and allowing further CPD opportunities.

Evidence: Pupil discussions, staff feedback, observations.


 Swimming lessons* – including transport and tuition for 70 Year 5 children (1 term), 70 Year 4 children (1 term) and 70 Year 3 children (1 term) = £3860

*(In addition to the curriculum allocated swimming lessons)

Impact:  The Sports Premium has enabled us to fund top up swimming lesson opportunities, targeting children who haven’t yet reached the National Curriculum Expectations.  Swimming leads to enhanced water safety, confidence and the opportunity to develop essential swimming skills.  Children will be further enabled to reach their curricular target for swimming, where all children can swim 25 metres by the end of their time at primary school.  By giving more children the opportunity to swim in both Year 3 and Year 5 it enables a higher proportion of the children to achieve the National Curriculum expectation.  Furthermore, it enables the children, particularly those who do not have extracurricular lessons be more confident and able and for those who already have swimming lessons, this provides a continued learning opportunity to further their skills. Further premium accounted for swimming coaching top-up for those children who have not achieved the National Curriculum expectations by the end of their swimming sessions in Year 5.

Evidence: Data, certificates, consultation with swimming instructors, staff feedback.

Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety% of 2017-18 Y6 cohort achieving
Percentage of current Year 6 cohort who can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres.98%
Percentage of current Year 6 cohort who can use a range of strokes effectively [for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke]. 98%
Percentage of current Year 6 cohort who can perform self-rescue in different water-based situations. 98%


Maths of The Day = £257.50 (shared cost across the Federation)

Impact: Maths of the Day scheme of work is a scheme of supplementary maths planning and resources that support a ‘mastery’ approach to maths via an active learning approach; devised with the government Obesity Strategy in mind. It is a complementary resource that encourages maths to be taught and learnt in a more active way, Pupils enjoy mixing PE and maths; being active really makes a difference to engagement and motivation. Maths of the Day provides a wide variety of ideas to help children develop their maths skills in a creative and exciting way. All the children have found the activities fun and challenging.

Evidence: Data, observations, pupil interviews, staff feedback.


Transport to events/fixtures = £500

Impact: Sports Premium funding has enabled us to participate in further sporting fixtures through successful qualification at Level 2 events. We have enabled children to participate in Level 3 competitions across Solihull and Warwickshire, giving more children opportunity to participate in physical activity.

Evidence: pupil discussions, certificates.


PE equipment replacements and repairs = £170

Impact:  Sports Premium funding has enabled us to maintain and where necessary, replace any dated/damaged equipment (for example we now have new hockey equipment, goal posts and basketball posts, and a Frisbee course).  Improvements to equipment enables to a broadening of the variety of sports available to the children, such as basketball.  More equipment increases access to sports for all pupils and enhances pupil interest.

Evidence: pupil interviews, staff feedback


Staff cover for CPD opportunities = £2000.00

Impact: To ensure that all children have access to high quality PE lessons. There will be increased expertise in delivery of PE by school staff. All teachers who teach PE will be developed and up skilled and teaching of PE will be consistently good or better. There will be an increased knowledge of the new national curriculum; this will ensure that we have consistent, progressive approach to planning and delivering PE lessons across the school.

Evidence: learning walks, lesson observations, questionnaires, assessments, staff feedback