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Year 4

We have updated our resources available for you to use at home. Along with a weekly newsletter there is a weekly plan. We hope both of these will support learning at home. We are very grateful to Robin Hood Academy Trust for allowing us to adapt their planning format.

Year 4 Weekly Home Learning Plan 13.07.2020

Year 4 Weekly Home Learning Plan 06.07.2020

Year 4 Weekly Home Learning Plan 29.06.2020

Year 4 Birdwatching Survey Sheet 29.06.2020

Year 4 How To Draw A Bird 29.06.2020

Year 4 Weekly Home Learning Plan 22.06.20

Year 4 Maths Written Methods 22.06.20

Year 4 Optional Extra Challenge Maths Activities (whole week) 22.06.20

Year 4 Key Instant Recall Facts 22.06.20

Year 4 Place Value Grid – Maths 22.06.20

Year 4 English Activity Sheets 22.06.20

Year 4 Weekly Home Learning Plan 15.06.20

Science Classification Activity Sheet


Fraction Wall

Year 4 Weekly Home Learning Plan 08.06.20

Year 4 Map Labelling Activity 08.06.20

Year 4 Weekly Home Learning Plan 01.06.20

Year 4 Plastic Pollution 01.06.20

Year 4 Weekly Learning Plan 18.5.20

Ascension and Pentecost

Year 4 Weekly Learning Plan 11.5.20

Fronted Adverbial Word Mat

Spelling Overview

The Wild Woods – Suspense

Y4 Weekly Home Learning Plan 4.5.20

Year 4 Direct Speech Poster

Y4 Summer 1 Spellings

Year 4 Home Learning Weekly Plan 27.4.20

Year 4 Talk for Writing Unit

The River’s Journey Poem

Journey of a River Diagram

The River’s Journey – Notes For Parents

Self Portrait Poster


Year 4 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Year 4 Home Learning Pack

Year 4 Practical Ideas

Year 4 Home Learning Ideas

Do you like writing stories?  Take a look at the prompt and instructions here  which will begin our journey to build up a story over the coming few weeks.

Year 4 can continue our study of The Wind in the Willows: you can download a complete copy of the book or have a go at some of the fantastic and fun activities from the activity pack (including shadow puppets or designing a home for example)!

Have a go at this Science quiz of the topics we have covered this year – no peeking at the answers until the end!  Year 4 Science

We are learning about the water cycle this term.  Use this document The Water Cycle Home Learning to guide your learning on the processes involved and then complete these activities Water Cycle Wheel and Water Cycle Labelling Activity to develop your understanding.

R. E.

Here is a creative Easter activity following our work in class to answer the question: Why do Christians call the day Jesus died ‘Good Friday’?

Year 4 RE

Miss Stanion’s SNIP group can download their next activity pack here:

Part 3 session 3

Part 3 Session 4

Part 3 Session 5

Part 3 Session 6

Part 3 Session 7