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Parent information

IMPACT Workshop

Year 1 IMPACT Activities

Calculation Catchers

Online maths games

(you may need specific software to open these files)


Key stage 1 evening

English National Curriculum Glossary


KS1 Phonic presentation

Year 1 Common exception words

Year 2 Common exception words


KS1 Writing presentation

Year 1 Writing checklist

Year 2 Writing checklist

Handwriting practise template


KS1 Maths presentation

How can I help my child with maths

Link to: A maths dictionary for kinds


Early Years

Reception Evening Presentation 2018


Reception Maths Activities

Number cones

One minute

Playdough prints

Ramps and cars

Secret Lego

Shape detectives



Teddy birthday weight

Teddy’s holiday

Teddy’s picnic sharing



IMPACT Year 1 English 2018

English National Curriculum Glossary

Year 1 English Presentation September 2018

Year 2 English Presentation September 2018

Letter Writing Strip

KS1 Phonic Presentation 2018

Comprehension Questions September 2018

Handwriting Practice Template 2018

Year 2 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Handout 2018

Year 1 Common Exception Words 2018

Year 2 Common Exception Words 2018



KS1 Science Presentation September 2018



Year 1 Maths Presentation September 2018

Year 2 Maths Presentation September 2018

Times Tables Posters 2018

Division Poster 2018

Addition Poster 2018

Multiplication Poster 2018

Subtraction Poster 2018

Year 1 and Year 2 Maths Booklet 2018

Parents Guide KS1 Mathematical Vocabulary 2018


Reading and Phonics

Teaching of Reading and Phonics Powerpoint Presentation 092016

Links to Phonic Websites 092016